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Civil society from a historical perspective
In many languages, the concept of ‘Civil society’ has had an astonishing career over the last 10 to 15 years, in disciplines such as history and sociology as well as with the public at large. ThisExpand
The Middle Classes in Europe
The attractiveness of a concept rarely correlates with its precision. "Middle class" would seem to be a case in point. The concept has played a central role in-and has been shaped by-politicalExpand
The merits of the comparative approach to history are undeniable. Comparison helps to identify questions, and to clarify profiles of single cases. It is indispensable for causal explanations andExpand
German History before Hitler: The Debate about the German Sonderweg
What is the place of National Socialism in German history? What were its historical roots, and what did its victory and its defeat mean for German history after 1945? How can this 'GermanExpand
Family and Bureaucracy in German Industrial Management, 1850–1914: Siemens in Comparative Perspective
This study analyzes the changing role of pre-industrial family and bureaucratic traditions in the development of Germany's leading electrical manufacturing firm. The Siemens company developed aExpand
Capitalism: The History of the Concept
‘Capitalism’ is a controversial concept. It emerged as a key concept of social criticism and as a concept for socioeconomic and historical analysis, in Western languages in the second half of theExpand
Bourgeois society in nineteenth-century Europe
Part 1 European society and the bourgeoisie: the European pattern and the German case, Jurgen Kocka liberalism and bourgeois society, Dieter Langewiesche the nobility and the bourgeoisie in Europe,Expand