Jürgen Koch

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The goal of this paper is to present framework technologies from another perspective: Component technology and framework concepts as a solution for providing tailorability at the user level. We introduce and discuss groupware as one application domain where tailorability is a critical issue and present the framework based architecture of our group editor(More)
Database queries explicitly containing existential and universal quantification become increasingly important in a number of areas such as integrity checking, interaction of databases and AI systems, heterogeneous databases, and statistical databases. Using a concept of range nesting in relational calculus expressions, the paper describes evaluation(More)
Four dogs with acute neurological signs caused by haemorrhages in the central nervous system were diagnosed with Angiostrongylus vasorum infection as the underlying aetiology. Two dogs presented with brain lesions, one dog with spinal cord lesions and one with lesions in both the brain and spinal cord. Only one dog presented with concurrent signs of(More)
A one-year-old intact female, Danish shorthaired pointer was referred to the emergency service with a history of acute collapse and pale mucous membranes after a month of reduced activity but with no other clinical signs. An ultrasound examination of the abdomen indicated the presence of a large amount of free fluid with no obvious cause such as neoplasia(More)