Jürgen Kilian

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GUIDO Music Notation is a novel approach for adequately representing score-level music. Based on a simple, yet powerful and easily extensible formalism, GUIDO is realised as a plain-text, human-readable and platform independent format. The key feature of our design is representational adequacy: simple musical concepts can be expressed in a simple way, while(More)
— We present a binary graph classifier (BGC) which allows to classify large, unweighted, undirected graphs. This classifier is based on a local decomposition of the graph for each node in generalized trees. The obtained trees, forming the tree set of the graph, are then pairwise compared by a generalized tree-similarity-algorithm (GTSA) and the resulting(More)
We present and analyze an algorithm to measure the structural similarity of generalized trees, a new graph class which includes rooted trees. For this, we represent structural properties of graphs as strings and define the similarity of two graphs as optimal alignments of the corresponding property stings. We prove that the obtained graph similarity(More)
VISCO is a novel visual extension to the texbased SALIERI Language. VISCO makes it possible to use the SALIERI System for creating nearly any kind of score level or real-time music applications with integrated graphical user interfaces. The visual control elements and environments can be created and controlled with the integrated, interactive, GUI based(More)
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