Jürgen Kattner

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The properties of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) as a substrate for external reflection infrared spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region were investigated. Clean HOPG substrates, physisorbed hydrocarbon multilayers, and chemisorbed monolayers of p-substituted aryl radicals on HOPG were used as samples, and the experimental spectra were compared(More)
A new experimental setup for studying reactions occurring in the metal-atmosphere interface by applying in situ infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS) is presented. It consists of a gas-mixing unit, where the moist air is generated with or without corrosive gases, the reaction cell for the in situ investigations, and an optical system coupled(More)
The sensitivities of infrared spectra of thin adsorbate layers measured in either transmission, internal reflection or external reflection can be greatly increased if a light incidence medium with a high refractive index such as an IR-transparent solid material is used. This increase in sensitivity is due to the strong enhancement of the perpendicular(More)
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