Jürgen K. Steinke

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This paper proposes a multilevel power conversion concept based on the combination of neutral-point-clamped (NPC) and floating capacitor converters. In the proposed scheme, the voltage balancing across the floating capacitors is achieved by using a proper selection of redundant switching states, and the neutral-point voltage is controlled by the classical(More)
This paper calculates and compares the efficiency and loss distribution in three most popular state-of-the-art types of medium voltage drive systems; current source drive with active front-end rectifier, current source drive with 18-pulse thyristor rectifier, and three-level voltage source drive with 12-pulse/24-pulse diode rectifier. Based on the proposed(More)
This paper presents the simulation of multilevel inverter fed induction motor drive. The poor quality of voltage and current of a conventional inverter fed induction machine is due to the presence of harmonics and hence there is significant level of energy losses. To obtain high quality sinusoidal output voltage with reduced harmonics, SPWM control scheme(More)
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