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Modern material handling systems (MHS) are complex systems which are controlled by various control units on different automation levels. The design of the MHS facility layout and the development of the control units require the application of different CAE tools but simulation and virtual commissioning does currently not play a significant role because(More)
Simulation plays the most important role for the verification of digital circuits. Designers demand more and more speed for their simulation processes. Therefore, we have worked out an approach to accelerate logic simulation by using prototype boards. We developed a novel simulator/hardware interface to achieve a significant speed-up. A speed-up of about(More)
Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are applied in a wide field of application and, especially, for safety-critical controls. Thus, there is the demand for high reliability of PLCs. Moreover, the increasing complexity of the PLC programs and the short time-to-market are hard to cope with. Formal verification techniques such as model checking allow for(More)
For covering the real-time characteristics of an automation system during model-based design it is essential to model not only the function but also the behaviour of the control programs running on a real-time controller. This paper introduces an approach to the modelling and evaluation of the functional and time behaviour of Programmable Logic Controllers(More)
The Web-based education methodology provides new chances and challenges to adopt interdisciplinary expertise needed for mastering the design processes in key technologies as electronics and mi-cro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Simulation should be an integral part in teaching, understanding and design of complex systems. In this paper four courses are(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) get increasing importance in different application areas. In building automation, applications on WSN are expected to utilize a large number of nodes in a heterogeneous environment. They are too complex to be developed in the traditional way of prototyping and debugging. In fact, new techniques are needed to support the design(More)
• Parameter determination • Performance analysis • Configuration analysis • Relationships between the components • Data transport mechanism • To guarantee the requested QoS • Framework has to combine very different tools • Combination of measuring, analysing and simulation • Mixture of abstract and detailed models • Integration of real soft-and hardware •(More)