Jürgen Guldner

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For an automatic steering problem of a city bus the reference maneuvers and specifications are introduced. The robustness problem arises from large variations in velocity, mass, and road-tire contact. Two controller structures, both with feedback of the lateral displacement and the yaw rate, are introduced: a linear controller and a nonlinear controller.(More)
This paper describes a robust control design for automatic steering of passenger cars. Previous studies [l-31 showed that' reliable automatic driving at highway speed may not be achieved under pract,ical conditions with look-down reference systems which use only one sensor at the front bumper to measure the 1at)eral displacement of the vehicle from the lane(More)
In a 4-week double-blind clinical trial we compared the effects of the tricyclic antidepressants trimipramine and imipramine on the sleep EEG and on nocturnal bormone secretion in 20 male inpatients with major depression. Both treatments produced rapid significant clinical improvement in depression without severe adverse effects. However, the two drugs had(More)
This paper introduces a sliding mode control strategy for tracking the gradient of an artificial potential field. The control methodology is applicable to fully actuated holonomic robotic systems with ,,-degrees of freedom. The controller yields exact tracking of the gradient lines and is invariant with respect to parametric uncertainty and disturbances in(More)
When applied centrally to animals, growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) stimulates slow-wave sleep (SWS), whereas somatostatin (SRIF) increases REM sleep. We investigated whether these peptides also affect the sleep EEG in humans when given intravenously by comparing polysomnographically the effects of four boluses of (1) placebo, (2) 50 micrograms GHRH(More)
Preclinical data suggest that the imidazo-diazepinone derivative bretazenil (Ro 16-6028) has anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties with only weak sedative effects. We examined the influence of oral administration of 1 mg bretazenil on the sleep EEG and the concomitant nocturnal secretion of cortisol, growth hormone and prolactin in ten healthy young men.(More)
Autonomous operation of mobile robots in unknown cluttered environments is one of the cornerstones of future applications of autonomous systems. This paper presents a three-layered hierarchical path control system for guiding a mobile robot through an unprepared cramped workspace to a specified goal point. It is assumed that the location of the robot with(More)
Communication of information from the roadway infrastructure to vehicles is expected to enhance Automated Highway Systems (AHS) by supporting subsystem functions like vehicle motion control, multiple vehicle coordination, and vehicle navigation. A suitable communication channel is information coding in the lateral reference used for automatic steering and(More)
The steroid pregnenolone (P) and its sulfate (PS) can accumulate in the central nervous system independent of peripheral sources. Pharmacologically, the sulphated form of P interacts with the GABAA receptor complex, and functional assays show that this steroid behaves as an allosteric GABAA receptor antagonist. The present study explored the effect of a(More)