Jürgen Gausemeier

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In this paper we describe an image based object recognition and tracking method for mobile AR-devices and the correlative process to generate the required data. The object recognition and tracking base on the 3D-geometries of the related objects. Correspondings between live camera images and 3D-models are generated and used to determine the location and(More)
Today's manufacturing industry demands flexible and decentralized production control systems to avoid hours of down time of the production line in case of a failure of a single central production control computer or program. Additionally, today's market forces demand smaller lot sizes and a more flexible mixture of different products manufactured in(More)
Innovative self-optimizing systems which go far beyond current approaches for mechatronic products become possible when systems are enabled to optimize their own behavior at run-time. Such self-optimizing systems are characterized by their ability to endogenously modify their objectives in response to changing conditions and autonomously adapt their(More)