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Florid is a deductive object{oriented database system relying on F-logic, which as a distinctive feature provides rich modeling facilities. In this paper we rst give an overview about the language and its implementation. Furthermore, some examples illustrate advanced data modelling, particularly the solution of some nonmonotonic problems using inheritance(More)
Measurements of the bone mineral content (BMC) of lumbar spine by dual-photon absorptiometry (DPA) are performed mainly in the anteroposterior (AP) projection. Due to superimposition of the abdominal aorta, the BMC measured for patients with aortic calcification usually is too high. To determine the influence of aortic calcifications, DPA scans were(More)
The present study was done in order to examine if the use of 111In-DTPA-labeled MAb fragments in place of 131I-labeled MAb fragments increases the sensitivity of tomographic immunoscintigraphy to reach the level of that of planar imaging techniques. In 11 patients with various primary tumors, local recurrences or metastases [colorectal carcinoma (n = 7),(More)
A PC software program with a graphical users platform was developed which enables the transfer of bone scintigraphy results to vectorgraphy-based skeleton images, and to implement a fully automatic anatomical localization definition of lesions. Documentation of the results is made possible by a complete, conventional structured medical letter. Additional(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether atomic force microscopy (AFM) in combination with classical light microscopy allows simple identification of surface structures of cells from pleural and ascitic fluids for diagnostic purposes in place of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). STUDY DESIGN We examined a total of 180 cells obtained from 9 reactive pleural or(More)