Jürgen Freytag

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A method is described for the isolation of large quantities of basement membrane from bovine renal glomeruli under conditions which minimize or prevent degradation by tissue-associated proteases. The method incorporates the use of moderately-high concentrations of the protease inhibitors: ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, epsilon-amino caproic acid,(More)
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (NaDodSO4)--polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and gel filtration chromatography of protein--NaDodSO4 complexes are frequently used to characterize collagen-like polypeptide components in mixtures obtained from extracts of basement membranes. However, electrophoresis yields anomalously high apparent molecular weights for collagenous(More)
Type IV procollagen-like constituents of glomerular basement membrane were solubilized by reduction and alkylation of disulfide bonds under denaturing conditions. Four polypeptides were observed with apparent Mr = 185,000, 175,000, 164,000, and 152,000. The two largest chains correspond to pro-alpha 1(IV) and pro-alpha 2(IV), described in model systems(More)
We describe an affinity-column-mediated, enzyme-linked immunometric assay that is highly sensitive and adaptable to automation. Digoxin is the model test analyte. A comparison of digoxin with its analog, ouabain, for use as the immobilized ligand on the affinity column showed ouabain to be superior. We also report the effect of column elution rate.(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure is a disease syndrome characterized in its advanced stages by a poor quality of life, frequent hospitalizations, and a high risk of mortality. In advanced and ultra-advanced chronic heart failure, many treatment options, such as cardiac transplantation and mechanical devices, are severely limited by availability and cost.(More)
We describe a novel liposome-based immunoassay in which covalently linked hapten-cytolysin conjugates are used instead of complement and surface-immobilized immunoreagents. Stable, unilamellar liposomes containing entrapped alkaline phosphatase as a marker enzyme were prepared by dialysis of octyl glucoside from suspensions of cholesterol and egg yolk(More)