Jürgen Eichhorn

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European honey bees are highly important in crop pollination, increasing the value of global agricultural production by billions of dollars. Current knowledge about virulence and pathogenicity of Deformed wing virus (DWV), a major factor in honey bee colony mortality, is limited. With this study, we close the gap between field research and laboratory(More)
The set of Clifford bundles of bounded geometry over open manifolds can be endowed with a metrizable uniform structure. For one fixed bundle E we define the generalized component gen comp(E) as the set of Clifford bundles E′ which have finite distance to E. If D, D′ are the associated generalized Dirac operators, we prove for the pair (D,D′) relative index(More)
For closed manifolds there exists an effective highly elaborated classification approach the main steps of which are the Thom–Pontrjagin construction, bordism theory, surgery, Wall groups, the exact sequence of Browder–Novikov–Sullivan–Wall. All this can be expressed in an algebraic language of f. g. Zπ–, unitary Zπ–, Qπ–modules and their K–theory etc.(More)
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