Jürgen Detlefsen

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Monopulse is a classical radar technique [1] of precise direction finding of a source or target. The concept can be used both in radar applications as well as in modern communication techniques. The information contained in antenna sidelobes normally disturbs the determination of DOA in the case of a classical monopulse system. The suitable combination of(More)
We present design and realization of a broadband FMCW radar working in the millimeter-wave (MMW) region. The usable frequency range lies between 91 GHz and 102 GHz. The quadrature receiver signal is synthesized from a single homodyne receiver channel using Hilbert transform methods. This ultrawide bandwidth of 11 GHz is necessary for the purpose of a high(More)
— Homeland security as a current issue brought up many questions about nowadays state of the art security relevant technologies both for civilian and military applications. Our motivation is related to security applications for airport environments especially in terms of people screening and object detection beneath the clothing. When developing a system(More)
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