Jürgen Bortz

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Lipids extracted from human skin contain variable amounts of paraffin hydrocarbons. Although the composition of these alkanes strongly resembles petroleum waxes, it has been proposed that they are biosynthetic products of human skin. To investigate this question, skin surface lipids from 15 normal subjects were analyzed for the amount and composition of(More)
Lipids were extracted from "wet" cerumen and analyzed by quantitative thin-layer chromatography to determine their composition. The lipid fraction comprised 52% of the dry weight of cerumen and consisted of squalene (6.4%), cholesterol esters (9.6%), wax esters (9.3%), triacylglycerols (3.0%), fatty acids (22.7%), cholesterol (20.9%), ceramides (18.6%),(More)
Rating scales with smilies as symbolic labels are often used. But the question, whether the used faces are perceived as equidistant and unidimensional, was not raised. This piece of research will help to close this gap. Stimulus material were 17 smilies with systematically varied mouths. The perceived intensity or dissimilarity of emotional expression was(More)
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