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In expert video analysis, the selection of certain events in a continuous video stream is a frequently occurring operation, e.g., in surveillance applications. Due to the dynamic and rich visual input, the constantly high attention and the required hand-eye coordination for mouse interaction, this is a very demanding and exhausting task. Hence, relevant(More)
Die Radontransformation entwickelt ein zu transformierendes Bild nach einem ,,Funktionen-system " bestehend aus δ-Geraden. Damit stellt die Radontransformierte eines Signales b(x 1 , x 2) die Menge aller Parallelprojektionen von b(x 1 , x 2) dar. Die Radontransformation konzentriert geradenhafte Signalanteile in ausgeprägte Extrema, die sich sicher(More)
The perception of the environment using opto-acoustic scene analysis techniques [1] is an extremely important and challenging task for humanoid robots. Thereby, the acquisition of visual and acoustic information provides the basis of the perception and enables the robot to interact with humans and to assist in everyday tasks. Another step is the exploration(More)