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In expert video analysis, the selection of certain events in a continuous video stream is a frequently occurring operation, e.g., in surveillance applications. Due to the dynamic and rich visual input, the constantly high attention and the required hand-eye coordination for mouse interaction, this is a very demanding and exhausting task. Hence, relevant(More)
Die Radontransformation entwickelt ein zu transformierendes Bild nach einem ,,Funktionen-system " bestehend aus δ-Geraden. Damit stellt die Radontransformierte eines Signales b(x 1 , x 2) die Menge aller Parallelprojektionen von b(x 1 , x 2) dar. Die Radontransformation konzentriert geradenhafte Signalanteile in ausgeprägte Extrema, die sich sicher(More)
  • Fernando Puente, León, Jürgen Beyerer, Karlsruhe Dipl, Ing Fernando, Puente León +7 others
  • 2000
Data fusion for the acquisition of high-quality images in automated visual inspection Image fusion methods are presented that allow a generation of high-quality images in automated visual inspection. The paper focusses on three problems – illumination , depth of focus, and visibility – that often cause optical systems to fail acquiring images of sufficient(More)