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Many of the interactive environments surrounding us today consist of multiple mobile and/or stationary visual displays. However, interaction with such multi-display environments is still dominated by the personal computer paradigm - one user interacts with one single display at a time. In this paper first we present a new video-based input device called(More)
Inferring scene geometry from a sequence of camera images is one of the central problems in computer vision. While the overwhelming majority of related research focuses on diffuse surface models, there are cases when this is not a viable assumption: in many industrial applications, one has to deal with metal or coated surfaces exhibiting a strong specular(More)
In expert video analysis, the selection of certain events in a continuous video stream is a frequently occurring operation, e.g., in surveillance applications. Due to the dynamic and rich visual input, the constantly high attention and the required hand-eye coordination for mouse interaction, this is a very demanding and exhausting task. Hence, relevant(More)
Data fusion for the acquisition of high-quality images in automated visual inspection Image fusion methods are presented that allow a generation of high-quality images in automated visual inspection. The paper focusses on three problems – illumination , depth of focus, and visibility – that often cause optical systems to fail acquiring images of sufficient(More)