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The entry of calcium and magnesium from external sources into mycorrhizal roots of 3-year-old Norway spruce trees (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) was monitored. Roots of intact plants were exposed for various periods of time, ranging from 2 min to 48 h, to nutrient solutions which contained the stable-isotope tracers 25Mg and 44Ca. After labelling, samples of(More)
Ferromagnetism in certain alloys consisting of magnetic and nonmagnetic species can be activated by the presence of chemical disorder. This phenomenon is linked to an increase in the number of nearest-neighbor magnetic atoms and local variations in the electronic band structure due to the existence of disorder sites. An approach to induce disorder is(More)
X-ray detectors based on metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors couple instantaneous measurement with high accuracy. However, they only have a limited measurement lifetime because they undergo permanent degradation due to x-ray beam exposure. A field effect transistor based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), however, overcomes this drawback of(More)
The endodermis of the needle in pine consists of a continuous sheath of parenchymatous cells in which the water transport can occur only through the cytoplasma or across the radial walls. Topochemical results have shown that the radial cell walls, in contrast to the tangential ones, contain lignin as well as other aromatic substances and consequently permit(More)
  • J Bauch
  • 1996
The provisions of medical care on an outpatient basis, as outlined in section 75 of the German SGB V, and on an inpatient basis, as defined in section 4 of the BPfIV 95, are differentiated quantitatively and qualitatively. Possible developments with regard to patient referral from the general practitioner to the specialist to the hospital, resulting from(More)
  • J Bauch
  • 1991
The proportion of all private doctors performing surgery in the FRG (7.7%) and breakdown of service in the areas of general surgery, accident and emergency surgery and vascular surgery in Lower Saxony, FRG. The demands are described made on the skill of the surgeon and on the private hospital are outlined, as is the legal situation with regard to the(More)