Jürg Meierhofer

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Die Komplikation der intraoperativen Herz-Kreislauf-Dekompensation bei Versorgung von Oberschenkelhalsfrakturen mittels einer Hüfttotalendoprothese unter Verwendung von Methylmethacrylat (Palacos) ist ein bisher nicht endgültig geklärtes Phänomen. Als eine mögliche Ursache wird die Luftembolie, in Zusammenhang mit der Gasbildung bei der Polymerisation des(More)
We report the results of our study concerning the organisation of operating room (OR) capacity planned 1 year in advance. The use of OR is controlled using 2 global controlling numbers: a) the actual time difference between the expected optimal and previously calculated OR running time and b) the punctuality of starting the first operation in each OR. The(More)
Intraoperative circulatory and pulmonary problems occuring during the repair of femoral neck fractures with cemented hip arthroplasty are a common problem, that cannot be ultimately explained. As a possible reason for this problem is air embolism during the polymerisation of the methylmethacrylat discussed. We started a prospective randomised clinical(More)
Hepatic rupture after blunt abdominal trauma may lead to severe bleeding, depletion and consumption of clotting factors, with the risk of packing to defer the definitive operation. We report two cases of hepatic rupture after blunt trauma with intrahepatic hematoma and severe intraabdominal bleeding. In both cases the bleeding could be stopped by early(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Patients undergoing eye surgery under regional anaesthesia often require concomitant medication for analgesia and comfort. Remifentanil, with its ultra-short acting-profile, may be useful to reduce pain during retrobulbar nerve block for cataract surgery. METHODS We performed a prospective, randomized, double-blind study to(More)
In personal wireless multimedia systems, transmission of interactive video is difficult. This is because high quality video still requires a considerable amount of bandwidth, the error patterns on radio links are bursty and coded video traffic itself shows a variable bit-rate behavior. We describe a wireless video transmission system that has been developed(More)
Report of the case of a 22 year old primigravida. At 37 weeks gestation an ultra-sound examination was carried out because of fetal bradycardia. An atrial septal defect was found with a complete atrial ventricle canal. (AV canal). These findings were corroberated at autopsy in addition a polyspienic syndrome with multiple thoracic and abdominal(More)
In dieser Fallstudie wird über die OP-Disposition und -Planung in einem kommunalen Haus berichtet. Die Planung der OP-Kapazitäten erfolgt über ein Jahr im Voraus. Dabei geschieht das Controlling der OP-Auslastung nur mithilfe von 2 globalen Kennzahlen: a) die realisierte Abweichung von der erwarteten optimalen und im Voraus berechneten Auslastung, b) die(More)
Eine traumatische Leberruptur infolge eines stumpfen Bauchtraumas kann zu schweren intraabdominalen Blutungen mit erheblichem Verlust sowie Verbrauch von Gerinnungsfaktoren und Thrombozyten mit dem Risiko der zweizeitigen chirurgischen Versorgung führen. Zwei Fälle von traumatischer Leberruptur mit ausgeprägtem intrahepatischen Hämatom und intraabdominaler(More)