Jürg Hulliger

Ravish Sankolli2
Gaël Charles Labat1
2Ravish Sankolli
1Gaël Charles Labat
1Anke Schwarzer
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The well-established occurrence of pyroelectricity (Lang, 1966) in tissues of living organisms has found a first explanation by a Markov-chain mechanism taking place during collagen fibril self-assembly in extracytoplasmic channels. Recently reported biochemical findings on the longitudinal fusion reactivity of small fibril segments (which undergo C-, N-(More)
The transition of molecular crystals into a polar state is modeled by a one-dimensional Ising Hamiltonian in multipole expansion and a suitable order parameter. Two symmetry breakings are necessary for the transition: the translational and the spin flip invariance—the former being broken by geometric constraints, the latter by the interaction of the first(More)
  • Matthias Burgener, Hanane Aboulfadl, Gaël Charles Labat, Michel Bonin, Martin Sommer, Ravish Sankolli +2 others
  • 2016
180° orientational disorder of molecular building blocks can lead to a peculiar spatial distribution of polar properties in molecular crystals. Here we present two examples [4-bromo-4'-nitrobiphenyl (BNBP) and 4-bromo-4'-cyanobiphenyl (BCNBP)] which develop into a bipolar final growth state. This means orientational disorder taking place at the(More)
The title compound, C21H33N3O3, is a tri-substituted cyclo-hex-yloxy triazine. In the crystal, the triazine rings form (C3i-PU) Piedfort units. The inter-centroid distance of the π-π inter-action involving the triazine rings is 3.3914 (10) Å. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked by C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds, forming ribbons propagating along [1-10]. There are(More)
The title compound, C13H4BrF4N, synthesized from 1,4'-bromo-iodo-benzene and 4-bromo-2,3,5,6-tetra-fluoro-benzo-nitrile in a coupling reaction was found to crystallize in the ortho-rhom-bic space group P212121. The two phenyl rings are rotated with respect to each other by 40.6 (6)°. The mol-ecules inter-act via aryl-perfluoroaryl stacking [3.796 (2) and(More)
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