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— Modern networks provide a QoS (quality of service) model to go beyond best-effort services, but current QoS models are oriented towards low-level network parameters (e.g., bandwidth, latency, jitter). Application developers, on the other hand, are interested in quality models that are meaningful to the end-user and therefore struggle to bridge the gap(More)
— Network-aware applications attempt to adjust their resource demands in response to changes in resource availability. E.g., if a server maintains a connection to a client, the server may want to adjust the amount of data sent to the client based on the effective bandwidth realized for the connection. Information about current and future network performance(More)
Large scale networked image retrieval systems face a number of problems that are not fully satisfied by current systems. On one hand, integrated solutions that store all image data centrally are often limited in terms of scalability and autonomy of data providers. On the other hand, WWW-based search engines proved to be fairly scalable, and data providers(More)
— The innovative techniques of TCP Vegas have been the subject of much debate in recent years. Several studies have reported that TCP Vegas provides better performance than TCP Reno. However, the question which of the new techniques are responsible for the impressive performance gains remains unanswered so far. This paper presents a detailed performance(More)
Today's best-effort Internet infrastructure is well-known for its heterogeneity (both in end-system capabilities and connectivity) and the significant fluctuations in service quality that can be observed. These two properties are often problematic from the viewpoint of a networked application, because they often result in unpredictable application behavior.(More)
Over a period of five years 28 dog eyes were treated by evisceration and implantation of an intrascleral silicone prosthesis. During an average follow-up period of 2.93 years the only complication noted was a mild entropion in one case. The majority of dog owners were satisfied with the cosmetic result. All of them would again opt for this procedure and(More)
Proptosis of the globe is an ophthalmic emergency, which requires rapid assessment of the situation and immediate medical and surgical therapy. The relevant prognostic signs as well as the medical and surgical management are discussed. A retrospective study of 36 proptosed globes at the Zurich Veterinary School revealed that young animals with a mean age of(More)