Júnia Coutinho Anacleto Silva

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Cultural differences play a very important role in matching computer interfaces to the expectations of users from different national and cultural backgrounds. But to date, there has been little systematic research as to the extent of such differences, and how to produce software that automatically takes into account these differences. We are studying these(More)
Good sense can be defined as the quality which someone has to make sensible decisions about what to do in specific situations. It can also be defined as good judgment. However, in order to have good sense, people have to use common sense knowledge. This is not different to computers. Nowadays, computers are still not able to make sensible decisions and one(More)
Considering computer-aided education, the creation of educational content is still a hard task for teachers. Computational tools are necessary to support authors in creating suitable material for learners from different cultures, allowing effective learning. Aiming to help teachers with such hard task of generating contextualized content to stimulate(More)
This paper discusses how common sense knowledge can be used by teachers for planning Learning Activities on health care. Using common sense statements which were automatically collected, we are developing software that can be used to support the teaching and learning process, in a more contextualized form. When teachers consider the knowledge that learners(More)
The main goal of this work was to evaluate the use of a group of Cognitive Strategies as a help in the structure and organization of the instructional material content by the interface, targeting to increase the hyper document usability and so its quality. For an effective process of distance learning it is necessary to assist teachers during the design of(More)
Collaborative work via Web tends to increase due to professionals' teams separated by distance and time, demanding more effort and stronger commitment from each person. It is noticed that many times the collaborative work via Web is not effective, generating lack of motivation and no engagement, few effective collaboration and no commitment with the(More)
We present a prototype of an on-line assistant to support a training course about workspace safety issues. The application uses a common sense reasoning engine and the Brazilian Open Mind common sense knowledge base, to make inferences about concepts that might be unfamiliar to the students. We explore the use of metaphors and analogies to explain topics,(More)
— Quality of Life is one of the main concerns nowadays for everybody. Also it is considered that is necessary to save time, space, energy, etc, in order to guarantee comfort, family health links and good job results. Work at home is becoming more common, especially through the Web. Collaborative and Participatory work via Web tends to increase due to teams(More)