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The Scent Glands of the Neotropical Harvestman Discocyrtus pectnifemur: Morphology, Behavior and Chemistry
Harvestmen have a pair of scent glands that open through ozopores. The literature suggests a link between the morphology of the ozopore area and the emission of a defensive secretion. A previousExpand
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Delicate fangs, smart killing: the predation strategy of the recluse spider
Prey consumption depends on the predator's ability to locate, capture and handle prey. We investigated these three steps in interactions between the delicate-bodied recluse spider Loxosceles gauchoExpand
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Sexual differences in weaponry and defensive behavior in a neotropical harvestman
Abstract Sexual differences in morphology can evolve by sexual selection and/or natural selection. In some species, only males have morphological structures that are used as weapons. Since someExpand
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Starvation decreases behavioral consistency in a Neotropical harvestman
Consistent inter-individual differences in behavior have been shown in several animal groups, ranging from vertebrates to invertebrates. One of the most studied personality traits in animals isExpand