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In soccer, like in business, results are often the best indicator of a team's performance in a certain competition but insufficient to a coach to asses his team performance. As a consequence, measurement tools play an important role in this particular field. In this research work, a performance tool for soccer, based only in Cartesian coordinates is(More)
Several researchers have explored the processes underlying perceptual-cognitive expertise, mainly using film-based studies. However, few have compared the extent to which data from film-based settings differ from those obtained through in situ collection. This gap in the literature is a relevant concern, since scientific research is used to provide guidance(More)
PURPOSE The visual search behaviors and thought processes underpinning anticipation and how these are influenced by intermittent exercise were examined in high- and low-level soccer players. METHODS High-level (n = 8) and low-level (n = 8) players completed a soccer-specific, intermittent exercise protocol that simulated the demands of a match while(More)
Previous research has proposed that team coordination is based on shared knowledge of the performance context, responsible for linking teammates' mental representations for collective, internalized action solutions. However, this representational approach raises many questions including: how do individual schemata of team members become reformulated(More)
Similar to other complex systems in nature (e.g., a hunting pack, flocks of birds), sports teams have been modeled as social neurobiological systems in which interpersonal coordination tendencies of agents underpin team swarming behaviors. Swarming is seen as the result of agent co-adaptation to ecological constraints of performance environments by(More)
In soccer, the level of performance is determined by a number of a complex variables interrelated: technique, tactics, psychological factors and finally, fitness. Because of this, analyzing this information in a real-time, even for soccer experts like professional coaches has become an impossible task. Automatic event detection tools occupy an important(More)
(2014). Effects of pitch size and skill level on tactical behaviours of Association Football players during small-sided and conditioned games. one copy of any article(s) in SHURA to facilitate their private study or for non-commercial research. You may not engage in further distribution of the material or use it for any profit-making activities or any(More)
A soccer game can be seen as a confrontation between two teams of agents where each player, communicating with his teammates, try to interpret in the best way as possible the game situations, achieving its main goals. Today the most important factors in a soccer clubs life and in its coach success are the game results they achieve. They represent the(More)