Júlio C. B. de Mattos

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Motion estimation (ME) is the most important component of current video encoders, however, it presents a very high computational complexity. To deal with this complexity, fast ME search algorithms are widely used, since they can greatly speed up this process. Fast search algorithms are vulnerable to choose local minima, producing quality losses, and these(More)
Managing the complexity of the emerging HEVC standard is a matter of academic and industrial research since its earlier versions. The sophisticated and computation-intensive tools involved in the encoding process must be leveraged if real-time applications are considered. In this paper, we propose a workload management scheme for dynamically controlling the(More)
Nowadays, with the growing complexity of embedded systems, it is necessary to use techniques and methodologies that in the same time increase the software productivity, while being still able to manipulate physical embedded systems constraints like memory footprint, real-time behavior, power dissipation and so on. Object-oriented modeling and design is a(More)
The complexity of embedded devices poses new challenges to embedded software development in addition to the traditional physical requirements. Therefore, the evaluation of the quality of embedded software and its impact on these traditional properties becomes increasingly relevant. Concepts such as reuse, abstraction, cohesion, coupling, and other software(More)
Android best practices for performance are small code changes proposed by Google to reduce execution time. This paper evaluates and analyzes the impact of two of these best practices on performance and energy consumption. The practices are applied to the code of an Android application and the code efficiency is analyzed. The practices indicate a positive(More)
Nowadays, the amount of software in embedded systems is increasing, mainly due its growing complexity and tight time-to-market constraints. Thus, tools to support the embedded software development process are indispensable, including tools able to offer some estimates of very important non functional requirements like performance and power. This paper(More)