Júlio C. Araújo

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Human herpesvirus 6 strain U1102 (HHV-6A) was shown to contain a 1,473-bp functional transformation suppressor gene (ts). ts exhibited 24% identity and 51% similarity to adeno-associated virus type 2 Rep68/78. Like adeno-associated virus type 2 Rep68/78, HHV-6A ts suppressed H-ras transformation of NIH 3T3 cells. Suppression of H-ras transformation was(More)
The 79-amino-acid (79-aa) open reading frame (UL111a) gene within morphological transforming region II (mtrII) of human cytomegalovirus strain Towne has been shown to transform rodent cells in vitro (J. Thompson, J. Doniger, and L. J. Rosenthal, Arch. Virol. 136:161-172, 1994). Moreover, a translation termination linker (TTL) mutant of mtrII that coded for(More)
AIM Aim of the study was analyzing the association between mode of delivery and neonatal mortality/ morbidity in term pregnancy. METHODS Cohort study with births of liveborn normally formed fetuses from single term pregnancies in a public teaching hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, from January 2003 to March 2004 (total of 1471 births). Data were collected(More)
Considerable evidence has indicated a pro-oxidant status in the brain of people with Down’s syndrome (DS), which may contribute to motor and cognitive impairments verified in this condition. On the other hand, previous studies addressing the role of physical exercise on oxidative stress and antioxidant status in DS have indicated conflicting results. Here,(More)
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