Júlio César Stobbe

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OBJECTIVE to estimate the prevalence of hypoalbuminemia in hospitalized elders, related to socio-demographic variables, nutritional status and length of stay. METHODS crosscutting study with 200 patients hospitalized in a large hospital in the South of Brazil during three months. Evaluations, lab tests and interviews through questionnaires were performed.(More)
BACKGROUND The metabolic syndrome is a complex metabolic disturbance due to an interaction between genetic factors, poor dietary habits and physical inactivity. AIMS To investigate the role of dietary intake on the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in a population of elderly, socially active women in Brazil. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 284 women(More)
The term myiasis is derived from the Greek (myia = fly, ase = disease) defining a dipteran larvae infestation in vertebrate animals in at least one of the phases of their development, feeding from either living or dead tissues of the host, from liquid substances, or from ingested food (1,2). This type of infestation is more frequent in rural areas. These(More)
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