Júlio Alves

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Volcano Salvation is an innovative computer game that combines two input modalities: hand gestures to lift, move, and manipulate objects, and head tracking to change perspective within the game world. The two input devices are a webcam and a Leap Motion controller. Volcano Salvation is an immersive strategy game that contributes to the field of game design(More)
INTRODUCTION This article is part of the Focus Theme of Methods of Information in Medicine on "Methodologies, Models and Algorithms for Patients Rehabilitation". OBJECTIVE Identify eye gaze correlates of motor impairment in a virtual reality motor observation task in a study with healthy participants and stroke patients. METHODS Participants consisted(More)
The concept of a partially shared neural circuitry between action observation and action execution in healthy participants has been demonstrated through a number of studies. However, little research has been done in this regard utilizing eye movement metrics in rehabilitation contexts. In this study we approach action observation and action execution by(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) based methods for stroke rehabilitation have mainly focused on motor rehabilitation, but there is increasing interest in integrating motor and cognitive training to increase similarity to real-world settings. Unfortunately, more research is needed for the definition of which type of content should be used in the design of these tools.(More)
The upper limit of intra-abdominal pressure after closure of gastroschisis has been suggested around 20 mm Hg. An acute abdominal compartmental syndrome may produce intestinal ischemia with perforation and hepatic or renal failure. We present a case of a baby born with gastroschisis and ileal atresias 2 decades ago. The closure of the defect entailed a(More)
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