Júlia Singer

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This paper contains a short generalization of a known method for sample size determination in the case of more than two parallel groups. The term 'set of allocation ratios' corresponding to the allocation ratio from the two-group design is defined. A formula using these ratios to determine the non-centrality parameter of the F distribution is deduced. It is(More)
The usual methods of sample size determination which assume the homogeneity of within-group variances are not sufficiently robust against the violation of this assumption. A method using Satterthwaite's correction for unequal variances is given. It is shown that in the case of unequal variances the minimum total sample size is attained when the allocation(More)
The influence of molecular structure on the mechanical properties of self-assembled 1,3,5-benzenetrisamide nanofibers is investigated. Three compounds with different amide connectivity and different alkyl substituents are compared. All the trisamides form well-defined fibers and exhibit significant differences in diameters of up to one order of magnitude.(More)
A simple table is derived to facilitate the rapid estimation of the number of dose administrations needed to achieve a certain fraction of the steady-state plasma concentration in the case of one-compartment model with uniform multiple oral dosing and equal absorption and elimination constants.
1 KIM, B., MACKSEY, H., TSERNG, H., SHIN, H., and CAMILLERI, N. : ‘Millimeter-wave monolithic GaAs power FET amplifiers’. GaAs IC Symp. Dig., 1986, pp. 61-63 CAMILLERI, N., CHYE, P., and PRIORIELLO, R.: ‘Monolithic 50GHz GaAs FET power amplifier’. GaAs IC Symp. Dig 1989, pp. 267-270 3 VANG, H., HERMAN, R. M., ANGEL, K. w., and CHAO, A. M . : ‘A 0.25Watt(More)
The authors present a general approach to construct confidence intervals for the difference and ratio of two independent proportions (which can also be extended for two paired proportions). The method described is simple and easy to implement, using only the point estimates and confidence limits of the individual proportions to obtain the confidence limits(More)