Júlia Kovári

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dUTPase is essential to keep uracil out of DNA. Crystal structures of substrate (dUTP and alpha,beta-imino-dUTP) and product complexes of wild type and mutant dUTPases were determined to reveal how an enzyme responsible for DNA integrity functions. A kinetic analysis of wild type and mutant dUTPases was performed to obtain relevant mechanistic information(More)
dUTPase is responsible for preventive DNA repair via exclusion of uracil. Developmental regulation of the Drosophila enzyme is suggested to be involved in thymine-less apoptosis. Here we show that in addition to conserved dUTPase sequence motifs, the gene of Drosophila enzyme codes for a unique Ala-Pro-rich segment. Kinetic and structural analyses of the(More)
dUTPase prevents uracil incorporation into DNA by strict regulation of the cellular dUTP:dTTP ratio. Lack of the enzyme initiates thymineless cell death, prompting studies on enzyme regulation. We investigated expression pattern and localization of Drosophila dUTPase. Similarly to human, two isoforms of the fly enzyme were identified at both mRNA and(More)
Human dUTPase, essential for DNA integrity, is an important survival factor for cancer cells. We determined the crystal structure of the enzyme:alpha,beta-imino-dUTP:Mg complex and performed equilibrium binding experiments in solution. Ordering of the C-terminus upon the active site induces close juxtaposition of the incoming nucleophile attacker water(More)
dUTP pyrophosphatase, a preventive DNA repair enzyme, contributes to maintain the appropriate cellular dUTP/dTTP ratio by catalyzing dUTP hydrolysis. dUTPase is essential for viability in bacteria and eukaryotes alike. Identification of species-specific antagonists of bacterial dUTPases is expected to contribute to the development of novel antimicrobial(More)
dUTPase is involved in preserving DNA integrity in cells. We report an efficient dUTPase silencing by RNAi-based system in stable human cell line. Repression of dUTPase induced specific expression level increments for thymidylate kinase and thymidine kinase, and also an increased sensitization to 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine and 5-fluoro-uracil. The catalytic(More)
The essential enzyme dUTPase is responsible for preventive DNA repair via exclusion of uracil. Lack or inhibition of the enzyme induces thymine-less cell death in cells performing active DNA synthesis, serving therefore as an important chemotherapeutic target. In the present work, employing differential circular dichroism spectroscopy, we show that D. mel.(More)
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