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the Rudin-Shapiro sequence [lo], which have been proposed for use in phasing multitone signals to minimize peak factors [ll]. A&ret-A class of binary sequences of length N = 2m is considered, and it is shown that their aperiodic autocorrelations can be calculated recursively in a simple way. Based on this, the merit factor of the sequences is calculated and(More)
Improvement to an earlier decoding algorithm for codes from algebraic geometry is presented. For codes from an arbitrary regular plane curve we correct up to d*/2-m2/8 + m /4-9/8 errors, where d* is the designed distance of the code and m is the degree of the curve. The complexity of finding the error locator is O(n7/3), where n is the length of the code.(More)
Products of Reed-Solomon codes are important in applications because they offer a combination of large blocks, low decoding complexity, and good performance. A recent result on random graphs can be used to show that with high probability a large number of errors can be corrected by iterating minimum distance decoding. We present an analysis related to(More)