Jørn Justesen

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An explicit and easily implemented solution is given to the<lb>general problem of linear mean-square estimation of a signal or system<lb>process based upon noisy observations, under the assumption that the<lb>autoand cross-correlation functions of the signal and the observation<lb>processes are known. Also a number of specific estimation problems(More)
and conjectured that F I 12.32, for all binary sequences, with the exception of the Barker sequence of length 13, for which F = 14.08. In a recent paper Golay [5] argued that the merit factor of Legendre sequences, shifted by one quarter of their lengths, has the highly probable asymptotic value 6, but he did not prove this. For maximal-length shift(More)
We treat a specific case of codes based on bipartite expander graphs coming from finite geometries. The code symbols are associated with the branches and the symbols connected to a given node are restricted to be codewords in a Reed-Solomon code. We give results on the parameters of the codes and methods for their encoding
We present a decoding algorithm for algebraicgeometric codes from regular plane curves, in particular the Hermitian curve, which corrects all error patternes of weight less than d*/2 with low complexity. The algorithm is based on the majority scheme of Feng and Rao and uses a modified version of Sakata’s generalization of the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm.