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Background Acute admission to hospitals, age and number of drugs are associated with an increased risk of adverse drug events due to morbidity, poly-pharmacy and inappropriate interactions. Thus, the objective of the present study was to investigate if systematic medication review and drug counseling on admission to hospitals would have a significant impact(More)
Knee joint-related symptoms are frequent and the use of MRI as a diagnostic tool is common. About 25% of MRIs show meniscal degeneration (MD). As the natural history of MD has not been well described, we studied the long-term outcome of 50 MDs. 45 patients were initially evaluated by a MRI, and clinical examination and later by another MRI. After 5 years,(More)
The principles of mutual exclusion and semaphore synchronization of concurrent processes ('tasks') have been widely known for years, and the use of these principles for constructing reliable real-time systems has been demonstrated several times.1• 2• 4 • 8 • 9 Yet, most commercially available real-time operating systems do not provide tools to match the(More)
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