Jørn Eskildsen

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New pervasive computing technologies for sensing and communication open up novel possibilities for enhancing traffic safety. We are currently designing and implementing the Ex Hoc infrastructure framework for communication among mobile and stationary units including vehicles. The infrastructure will connect sensing devices on vehicles with sensing devices(More)
In a cross-sectional study of adult swans and their successfully fledged young in Ringkøbing Fjord, West Jutland, Denmark, 128 venous blood samples were taken during the moulting period and analyzed for lead. While the juveniles generally showed blood lead levels below 15 micrograms/100 ml (median, 11 micrograms/100 ml), the values were significantly higher(More)
An appropriate threshold for transfusion in patients with coronary artery disease has not been defined. Our purpose was to determine: (1) the effects of preoperative volume loading; (2) postoperative function and oxygen delivery (DO2); (3) an appropriate transfusion threshold based on observed DO2 in high-risk patients undergoing abdominal aortic aneurysm(More)
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