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A New Foundation for the Social Sciences? Searle’s Misreading of Durkheim
The aim of John Searle’s philosophy of society is to provide a foundation for the social sciences. Arguing that the study of social reality needs to be based on a philosophy of language, SearleExpand
In the shadow of sociology: Bateson through the lens of Durkheim
Gregory Bateson developed his transdisciplinary thinking in the shadow of sociology, but his ideas are not generally viewed as part of the field of classical sociology. This article will explain thisExpand
Does Infant Cognition Research Undermine Sociological Theory? A Critique of Bergesen's Attack on Durkheim
This article discusses how the results of infant research challenge the assumptions of the classical sciences of social behaviour. According to A.J. Bergesen, the findings of infant researchExpand
The origin of the inner voice: Durkheim, Christianity and the Greeks
While the influence of classical philosophy on sociology has been the subject of several studies, less attention has been given to the question of how the founders of sociology viewed classicalExpand