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EU Emissions Trading: Initiation, Decision-making and Implementation
Contents: Preface Introduction Analytical framework Development of EU ETS Initiating EU emissions trading Deciding on EU emissions trading Implementing EU emissions trading Conclusions ReferencesExpand
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The EU as a frontrunner on greenhouse gas emissions trading: how did it happen and will the EU succeed?
The objective of this paper is first to provide empirical evidence of what can be seen as a rather remarkable change in EU's position on the use of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading (ET) inExpand
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EU Climate and Energy Policy: A Hesitant Supranational Turn?
This article examines the recent changes of three central EU climate and energy policies: the revised Emissions Trading Directive (ETS); the Renewables Directive (RES); and internal energy marketExpand
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Designing Effective Environmental Regimes: The Key Conditions
Analyzing the effectiveness and institutional design of international environmental regimes - the conceptual lenses increasing concern and improving design - the Oslo and Paris conventions on marineExpand
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Implementing EU emissions trading: success or failure?
This article assesses and explains the implementation of the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS). It argues that implementation in terms of ambitiousness has been only moderately successful so far,Expand
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Policy invention and entrepreneurship: Bankrolling the burying of carbon in the EU
Abstract This article presents the case of a policy invention where various kinds of entrepreneurship and a window of opportunity played important roles. In 2008 the EU adopted a new Carbon CaptureExpand
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Rescuing EU Emissions Trading: Mission Impossible?
Is rescuing the EU's emissions trading system impossible? Despite the substantial reform in 2008, subsequent problems of allowance surplus and a low carbon price have spurred new efforts to reformExpand
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Is EU enlargement bad for environmental policy? Confronting gloomy expectations with evidence
As the EU expands to include the Central and East European (CEE) countries, its capacity to adopt and implement environmental policy will be negatively affected—this has been a widely heldExpand
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The complicated development of EU climate policy
This chapter sums up efforts in the 1990s to develop effective EU climate policy and climate policy instruments, and in this context discusses some main lessons and implications both for future EUExpand
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