Jørgen Vinsløv Hansen

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BACKGROUND Only a few workplace initiatives among cleaners have been reported, even though they constitute a job group in great need of health promotion. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effect of either physical coordination training or cognitive behavioural training on musculoskeletal pain, work ability and sickness absence among cleaners. (More)
Background: In 2010, the Danish Government launched the Danish national return-to-work (RTW) programme to reduce sickness absence and promote labour market attainment. Multidisciplinary teams delivered the RTW programme, which comprised a coordinated, tailored and multidisciplinary effort (CTM) for sickness absence beneficiaries at high risk for exclusion(More)
OBJECTIVE This study sought to examine the influence of protective work factors on long-term sickness absence among employees reporting different levels of depressive symptoms in a representative sample of the Danish workforce. METHODS Questionnaire data were collected from a random sample of members of the Danish workforce aged between 18 and 64 years(More)
BACKGROUND High muscle strength is considered relevant for preventing musculoskeletal disorders and long-term sickness absence. However, prospective studies on the association between muscle strength and future musculoskeletal disorders and long-term sickness absence are few and show contrasting results. AIMS To investigate the association between low(More)
BACKGROUND Low back pain (LBP) and leisure time physical activity (LTPA) are considered to be closely related, and clinical guidelines for the treatment of acute LBP recommend patients stay physically active. However, the documentation for this recommendation is sparse and based on studies involving patient populations. The purpose of the study was (1) to(More)
The nose and mouth are the first regions of the respiratory tract in contact with airborne microorganisms. Occupational exposures to airborne microorganisms are associated with inflammation and different symptoms of the airways. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relation between occupational exposure to fungi, β-glucan, and bacteria and(More)
(2014). Work‐related psychosocial risk factors for long‐term sick leave: a prospective study of the general working population in Norway, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 56(8):787–793. (2014). Psychosocial and organizational risk factors for doctor‐certified sick leave: a prospective study of female health and social workers in Norway, BMC(More)
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