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  • J Hilden
  • 1991
The area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is a popular measure of the power of a (two-disease) diagnostic test, but it is shown here to be an inconsistent criterion: tests of indistinguishable clinical impacts may have different areas. A class of diagnosticity measures (DMs) of proven optimality is proposed instead. Once a(More)
We have generated Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) capable of performing sensitive, quantitative predictions of peptide binding to the MHC class I molecule, HLA-A*0204. We have shown that such quantitative ANN are superior to conventional classification ANN, that have been trained to predict binding vs non-binding peptides. Furthermore, quantitative ANN(More)
BACKGROUND Randomized trials without reported adequate allocation concealment have been shown to overestimate the benefit of experimental interventions. We investigated the robustness of conclusions drawn from meta-analyses to exclusion of such trials. MATERIAL Random sample of 38 reviews from The Cochrane Library 2003, issue 2 and 32 other reviews from(More)
Peptides are key immune targets. They are generated by fragmentation of antigenic proteins, selected by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules and subsequently presented to T cells. One of the most selective requirements is that of peptide binding to MHC. Accurate descriptions and predictions of peptide-MHC interactions are therefore important.(More)
A case of massive dapsone poisoning (15 g) in a 26 year old man is reported. The patient exhibited high plasma dapsone concentration, marked methemoglobinemia, and signs of hemolysis. He recovered completely after intensive treatment with methylene blue, activated charcoal, forced diuresis, and plasma exchange. In order to avoid overdosage of methylene blue(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the probability of left ventricular systolic dysfunction without echocardiography in patients from general practice. DESIGN Cross sectional study using multivariate regression models to examine the relation between clinical variables and left ventricular systolic dysfunction as determined by echocardiography. SETTING Three general(More)
A general population of 928 men and women aged 30, 40, 50 and 60 years participated in a health survey with emphasis on low back trouble (LBT). In all 135 variables were analysed to identify possible indicators for first-time experience and recurrence or persistence of LBT during a one-year follow-up. Stepwise logistic regression analyses were carried out(More)
Regret is the difference in outcome between the action we took and the best action we could, in retrospect, have taken. 'Tent graphs', representing decision problems under uncertainty in terms of expected regret, offer an instructive geometric supplement to standard formulae, allow instant calculations, and suggest, as we shall illustrate, novel algebraic(More)
The 'integrated discrimination improvement' (IDI) and the 'net reclassification index' (NRI) are statistics proposed as measures of the incremental prognostic impact that a new biomarker will have when added to an existing prediction model for a binary outcome. By design, both measures were meant to be intuitively appropriate, and the IDI and NRI formulae(More)
Methodological deficiencies are known to affect the results of randomized trials. There are several components of trial quality, which, when inadequately attended to, may bias the treatment effect under study. The extent of this bias, so far only vaguely known, is currently being investigated by 'meta-epidemiological' re-analysis of data collected as part(More)