Jørgen Hilden

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OBJECTIVE To compare the methodological quality and conclusions in Cochrane reviews with those in industry supported meta-analyses and other meta-analyses of the same drugs. DESIGN Systematic review comparing pairs of meta-analyses that studied the same two drugs in the same disease and were published within two years of each other. DATA SOURCES(More)
We report a study of 121 probands (patients) with migraine without aura (MO) and 72 probands with migraine with aura (MA), diagnosed according to the operational diagnostic criteria of the International Headache Society and selected from 35 general practices in Denmark. The probands were interviewed about the presence of MO and MA among their first-degree(More)
A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial was carried out to determine whether a group of stable children with cerebral palsy (36 males, 21 females; mean age 10 years 11 months, range 5 to 18 years) would improve their motor skills after 12 months of threshold electrical stimulation (TES). Two thirds received active and one third received(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if the macrolide clarithromycin affects mortality and cardiovascular morbidity in patients with stable coronary heart disease. DESIGN Centrally randomised multicentre trial. All parties at all stages were blinded. Analyses were by intention to treat. SETTING Five Copenhagen University cardiology departments and a coordinating(More)
BACKGROUND The process of seeking asylum and the related organisational conditions in the host country may adversely affect the children's mental health. The objective of this study was to examine the mental health of children seeking asylum in relation to organisational factors of the asylum system including length of stay and number of relocations. (More)
BACKGROUND Blinding patients in clinical trials is a key methodological procedure, but the expected degree of bias due to nonblinded patients on estimated treatment effects is unknown. METHODS Systematic review of randomized clinical trials with one sub-study (i.e. experimental vs control) involving blinded patients and another, otherwise identical,(More)
  • Hans Meinertz, Karin Nilausen, Jørgen Hilden
  • 2002
We previously found that dietary soy protein produces higher lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] plasma concentrations than does casein. This study tested the hypothesis that soy protein contains Lp(a)-raising alcohol-removable components. Twelve normolipidemic women and men consumed, in a crossover design, liquid-formula diets containing casein, soy protein, or(More)
by spectrophotometer, readings for all samples were higher than those for the 0 ng/L calibrator; OOM extracts provided signals that were well above those of the 400 ng/L calibrator. In summary, simple aqueous extracts from small portions of 6 different OOM-associated tumors revealed very high FGF-23 concentrations as assessed by the calibra-tor assay;(More)
BACKGROUND The minimum clinically important difference (MCID) is used to interpret the clinical relevance of results reported by trials and meta-analyses as well as to plan sample sizes in new studies. However, there is a lack of consensus about the size of MCID in acute pain, which is a core symptom affecting patients across many clinical conditions. (More)