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BACKGROUND Vanillin is one of the most widely used flavouring agents, originally obtained from cured seed pods of the vanilla orchid Vanilla planifolia. Currently vanillin is mostly produced via chemical synthesis. A de novo synthetic pathway for heterologous vanillin production from glucose has recently been implemented in baker's yeast, Saccharamyces(More)
S oftware engineers who want to migrate existing applications from fully connected environments to mobile environments face a significant problem in obtaining and maintaining network connectivity. In fully connected environments, connectivity is static and permanently established through wired networks. Applications simply " assume " that they are online(More)
Auxin homeostasis is pivotal for normal plant growth and development. The superroot2 (sur2) mutant was initially isolated in a forward genetic screen for auxin overproducers, and SUR2 was suggested to control auxin conjugation and thereby regulate auxin homeostasis. However, the phenotype was not uniform and could not be described as a pure high auxin(More)
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