Jørgen H. Andersen

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This paper presents a method for automatically constructing real time systems directly from their specifications. The model–construction problem is considered for implicit specifications of the form: (A1 | . . . |An |X) sat S where S is a real time (logical) specification, A1 . . . An are given (regular) timed agents and the problem is to decide whether(More)
In this paper we sketch a method for specification and automatic verification of real-time software properties. The method combines the IEC 848 norm and the recent specification techniques TCCS (Timed Calculus of Communicating Systems) and TML (Timed Modal Logic) — supported by an automatic verification tool, Epsilon. The method is illustrated by modelling(More)
In this paper we present a generalisation of a promising composi-tional model–checking technique introduced for finite–state systems by Andersen in [And95] and extended to networks of timed automata by Larsen et al in [LPY95a, LL95, LPY95b, KLL + 97a]. In our generalized setting, programs are modelled as arbitrary (possibly infinite–state) transition(More)
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