Jørgen H. Andersen

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OBJECTIVES Our aim was to assess basic drug information given by physicians when prescribing new topical medication and to compare this with outpatients' subsequent knowledge. METHODS Basic drug information was noted during consultations. Subsequently, patients answered a questionnaire regarding diagnosis, treatment, and satisfaction with the(More)
This paper presents a method for automatically constructing real time systems directly from their specifications. The model–construction problem is considered for implicit specifications of the form: (A 1 |. .. | A n | X) sat S where S is a real time (logical) specification, A 1. .. A n are given (regular) timed agents and the problem is to decide whether(More)
In this paper we present a generalisation of a promising composi-tional model–checking technique introduced for finite–state systems by Andersen in [And95] and extended to networks of timed automata by Larsen et al in [LPY95a, LL95, LPY95b, KLL + 97a]. In our generalized setting, programs are modelled as arbitrary (possibly infinite–state) transition(More)
In this paper we sketch a method for speciication and automatic veriication of real-time software properties. The method combines the IEC 848 norm and the recent speciication techniques TCCS (Timed Calculus of Communicating Systems) and TML (Timed Modal Logic) | supported by an automatic veriication tool, Epsilon. The method is illustrated by modelling a(More)
BACKGROUND Porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT) is characterized by fragile skin with blistering on sun-exposed areas. Symptoms typically develop in late adulthood and can be triggered by iron overload, alcohol intake, oestrogens and various liver diseases. Treatment consists of phlebotomy to reduce iron, or increasing urinary porphyrin excretion by administering(More)
Dredging activities to extend, deepen and maintain access to harbours generate significant volumes of waste dredged material. Some ways are investigated to add value to these sediments. One solution described here is their use in road construction following treatment with hydraulic binders. This paper presents the characterisation of four sediments, in(More)
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