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Carcinoma in situ in the contralateral testis was diagnosed in 27 of 500 patients (5.4%) with unilateral testicular germ cell cancer. Eight of the 27 patients received intensive chemotherapy for spread of their initial testicular cancer. Follow up biopsy studies did not detect changes of carcinoma in situ in any of these patients, and none developed a(More)
During past decades, we have witnessed a remarkable decline in fertility rates (number of births per 1000 women of reproductive age) in the industrialized world. It seems beyond doubt that the enormous social changes of our societies play the major role in this decline, but can it be attributed to changing social structures alone or is a reduced fecundity(More)
Testicular biopsy specimens from 4 (8%) of 50 men previously treated for maldescended testes had a carcinoma-in-situ pattern. 2 of these men had adjacent invasive carcinoma (seminoma and embryonal carcinoma). The patient with embryonal carcinoma had an enlarged testis but the 3 other patients with neoplasia had no clinical signs or symptoms of malignancy.(More)
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