Jørgen F. Søgaard-Andersen

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When proving the correctness of algorithms in distributed systems, one generally considers safety conditions and liveness conditions. The Input/Output (I/O) automaton model and its timed version have been used successfully, but have focused on safety conditions and on a restricted form of liveness called fairness. In this paper we develop a new I/O(More)
This paper presents a scalable approach to reasoning formally about distributed algorithms. It uses results about I/O automata to extract a set of proof obligations for showing that the behaviors of one algorithm are among those of another, and it uses the Larch tools for speci cation and deduction to discharge these obligations in a natural and(More)
The problem of implementing reliable message delivery using timing information is considered. Two important parameters, from the point of view of system performance, are the time required to deliver a message and the time that elapses between periods of quiescence, in which a processor returns to an initial state and deletes all earlier connection records.(More)
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