Jörn Schönberger

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The paper investigates an online version of the vehicle routing problem with time windows, in which additionally arriving requests cause the revision of so far followed routes and schedules. An extended online optimization framework is proposed, which automatically adapts to problem variations and enables the explicit consideration of up-to-date knowledge(More)
We analyse a dynamic variant of the vehicle routing problem with soft time windows in which an average punctuality must be guaranteed (e.g. lateness is allowed at some customer sites). The existing objective function does not support both the aspiration for punctuality and least cost so that additional efforts are necessary to achieve an acceptable(More)
Today, economic value creation is typically carried out in supply networks, which are temporal coalitions of independent partners. Each partner has its own decision competencies but the common objective of value creation requires a coordinated planning of the value creating processes. We show that the common decision making process can be understood as a(More)