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In a randomized double-blind trial, infants with mild or moderate diarrhoeal dehydration were rehydrated orally either with a simple solution containing table sugar and salt (without potassium or bicarbonate) or with a complete glucose/electrolyte formula. All 32 given glucose/electrolyte solution and 27 (93%) of 29 infants given sugar/salt were(More)
Cells of nickel sulfide-induced rhabdomyosarcomas were studied with the electron microscope. Cells in the proliferative compartment were mononucleate and exhibited neither myofilaments nor other features of normal muscle cell differentiation. Cells in the nonproliferative compartment had myofilaments and differentiated similarly to the normal fetal and(More)
Injuries caused by regional anaesthesia are the second most common reason for a patient to apply to the North German Arbitration Board. Part of the reported injuries are mild and transient, while others are severe and permanent, e.g. a paraplegia after regional anaesthesia. In the majority of the reported cases, the Arbitration Board did not find a medical(More)
A study is proposed for supplementing potassium loss from diarrhea in rehydration therapies with fresh fruit and other naturally potassium-rich foods. Bananas contain .1 mol of potassium per gm. Freshly squeezed lemon or orange juices were tested for potassium and sodium content and found to have very low potassium concentration. Therefore, the banana(More)
Attention must be devoted to proper positioning and selection of an appropriate child restraint system for infants with severe hydrocephalus to reduce the risk of potential injury during motor vehicle travel. Due to the infant's head size, parents may fear the head and neck will fall forward, or they may encounter difficulty positioning the head(More)
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