Jörn Munzert

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Jeannerod (2001) postulated that motor control and motor simulation states are functionally equivalent. If this is the case, the specifically relevant task parameters in online motor control should also be represented in motor imagery. We tested whether the different spatial accuracy demands of manual pointing movements are reflected on a neural level in(More)
This study investigated whether activation within areas belonging to the action observation and imitation network reveals a linear relation to the subsequent accuracy of imitating a bimanual rhythmic movement measured via a motion capturing system. 20 participants were scanned with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) when asked to imitate observed(More)
BACKGROUND Gingivitis and other plaque-associated diseases have a high prevalence in western communities even though the majority of adults report daily oral hygiene. This indicates a lack of oral hygiene skills. Currently, there is no clear evidence as to which brushing technique would bring about the best oral hygiene skills. While the modified Bass(More)
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