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The European 'Integrated Project' (IP) NeWater is presented, an inter-disciplinary project developing new methods for integrated water resources management taking into account the complexity of the river basins to be managed and the difficulty to predict the factors influencing them (e.g. climate, socioeconomic developments). The central focus of NeWater is(More)
The approach presented suggests a new way of supporting planning processes. Planners from various disciplines can test and discuss planning scenarios at a workbench, where a virtual landscape is visualized in a 3-D real-time environment. With the defined paradigm of 'landscape editing', planners can model and manipulate virtual landscapes intuitively. They(More)
FLUMAGIS aims at the interdisciplinary development of methods and data processing data processing tools in support of the planning and management of river basins. The focus will be laid on the development of an interactive tool facilitating the evaluation and (3D) visualisation of river basin environments. This comprises the representation of current(More)
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