Jörn Loviscach

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Nowadays, a personal music collection may comprise thousands of MP3 files. Visualization can help the user to gain an overview and to find similar songs inside so large a set. We describe a method to create icons from audio files in such a way that songs which the user considers similar receive similar icons. This allows visual data mining in standard(More)
The look of a non-transparent material is determined by its bidirectional reflection distribution function (BRDF). To design 3-D objects for example for games or animation films thus includes to design BRDFs. However, as functions defined on a four-dimensional domain, these form a vast space that is very difficult to explore interactively. Typically, the(More)
Equalizing is one of the most important tasks in audio engineering. It also is a task that requires technical and auditory training to achieve the desired results. We propose to simplify the use of an equalizer by providing a visual arrangement of subjective terms such as 'warm', 'present', 'boomy' instead of the standard controls that closely correspond to(More)
Semi-automated solutions can transform the images of a film into a comic strip. Whereas the conversion of movies [Hwang et al. 2006] and 3D games [Shamir et al. 2006] to comics has been addressed before, we propose novel ways of user interaction and--most prominently--leverage much information from a movie's screenplay. Thanks to standard screenplays'(More)