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Nowadays, a personal music collection may comprise thousands of MP3 files. Visualization can help the user to gain an overview and to find similar songs inside so large a set. We describe a method to create icons from audio files in such a way that songs which the user considers similar receive similar icons. This allows visual data mining in standard(More)
The anisotropic filtering offered by current graphics hardware can be employed to apply motion blur to textures. The solution proposed here uses a standard texture together with a vertex and a pixel shader acting on a mesh with augmented vertex data. Our method generalizes the usual spatial anisotropic MIP mapping to also include temporal effects. It(More)
The simulation of complex layers of folds of cloth can be handled through algorithms which take the physical dynamics into account. In many cases, however, it is sufficient to generate wrinkles on a piece of garment which mostly appears spread out. This paper presents a corresponding fully GPU-based, easy-to-control, and robust method to generate and render(More)
Equalizing is one of the most important tasks in audio engineering. It also is a task that requires technical and auditory training to achieve the desired results. We propose to simplify the use of an equalizer by providing a visual arrangement of subjective terms such as 'warm', 'present', 'boomy' instead of the standard controls that closely correspond to(More)
The look of a non-transparent material is determined by its bidirectional reflection distribution function (BRDF). To design 3-D objects for example for games or animation films thus includes to design BRDFs. However, as functions defined on a four-dimensional domain, these form a vast space that is very difficult to explore interactively. Typically, the(More)
Semi-automated solutions can transform the images of a film into a comic strip. Whereas the conversion of movies [Hwang et al. 2006] and 3D games [Shamir et al. 2006] to comics has been addressed before, we propose novel ways of user interaction and--most prominently--leverage much information from a movie's screenplay. Thanks to standard screenplays'(More)