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Limited consonant phonemic information can be conveyed by the temporal characteristics of speech. In the two experiments reported here, the effects of practice and of multiple talkers on identification of temporal consonant information were evaluated. Naturally produced /aCa/disyllables were used to create "temporal-only" stimuli having instantaneous(More)
Microbial life in deep marine subsurface faces increasing temperatures and hydrostatic pressure with depth. In this study, we have examined growth characteristics and temperature-related adaptation of the Desulfovibrio indonesiensis strain P23 to the in situ pressure of 30 MPa. The strain originates from the deep subsurface of the eastern flank of the Juan(More)
Marine microbial communities experience daily fluctuations in light and temperature that can have important ramifications for carbon and nutrient cycling. Elucidation of such short time scale community-wide dynamics is hindered by system complexity. Hypersaline aquatic environments have lower species richness than marine environments and can be well-defined(More)
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