Jörn Bornhöft

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Pentagon–hexagon-patches are connected bridgeless plane graphs with all bounded faces pentagons or hexagons, all interior vertices of degree 3 and all boundary vertices of degree 2 or 3. In this paper we determine the minimum and maximum possible boundary lengths min (h, p) and max (h, p) of pentagon–hexagon-patches with h hexagons and p ≤ 6 pentagons and(More)
Polygonal systems P consist of exclusively hexagons and pentagons. They correspond (as chemical graphs) to a certain class of polycyclic conjugated hydrocarbons. This class includes protofullerenes. General formulations for the maximum numbers of internal vertices for P systems with p<6 are derived; here p is the number of pentagons. The C„HS chemical(More)
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