Jörn Adamczewski

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— For the new experiments at FAIR new concepts of data acquisition systems have to be developed like the distribution of self-triggered, time stamped data streams over high performance networks for event building. The Data Acquisition Backbone Core (DABC) is a software package currently under development for FAIR detector tests, readout components test, and(More)
The Data Acquisition Backbone Core DABC will provide a general software framework for DAQ tasks over the next years. It serves as test bed for FAIR detector tests, readout components tests, data flow investigations (switched event building) and DAQ controls. Specifically, the system must be able to handle a triggerless experiment with large data bandwidth(More)
Go4 developed at GSI is an analysis framework with a general purpose non blocking GUI. Go4 is based on ROOT. The GUI is implemented in Qt using GSI's QtROOT interface. Analysis and GUI run in separate tasks communicating through asynchronous object channels. A Go4 analysis may use any ROOT features. It can be organized in steps, which can be controlled from(More)
Motivated by pending tests of the APFEL ASIC [1] for the electromagnetic calorimeter of the PANDA Experiment a readout and data acquisition system was developed by the GSI Experiment Electronic department which is also applicable for other detectors with large sensor capacitances. The readout chain consists of the charge sensitive preamplifier and shaper(More)
The data acquisition for future experiments at FAIR requires a fast and relatively large network farm for event data transport from front-end electronics to the computing nodes where further event analysis can be performed. The CBM experiment, for example, produces about 1 TB/s of raw data rate, which should be switched in such event building network(More)