Jörgen Samuelsson

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Emissions of air pollutants in and around urban areas lead to negative health impacts on the population. To estimate these impacts, it is important to know the sources and transport mechanisms of the pollutants accurately. Mexico City has a large urban fleet in a topographically constrained basin leading to high levels of carbon monoxide (CO). 5 Large point(More)
The adsorption of the proton-pump inhibitor omeprazole was investigated using RP-LC with chemometric models combined with adsorption isotherm modelling to study the effect of pH and type of organic modifier (i.e., acetonitrile or methanol). The chemometric approach revealed that omeprazole was tailing with methanol and fronting with acetonitrile along with(More)
of compounds from a few milligrams to many tons of pure substances per year [1]. Gradient elution is the most important programming technique and is used for separating compounds which have a wide range of retention times [2]. Gradient elution can save time and reduce solvent consumption by decreasing the run time [3, 4]. To take full advantage of gradient(More)
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