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BACKGROUND A considerable number of patients require opioids during recovery after laparoscopic sterilization. This implies nausea, dizziness and sedation and increases the number of unplanned admissions. Gabapentin has shown excellent postoperative analgesic effect in a number of recent studies with few side effects. This study was designed to test whether(More)
INTRODUCTION Development of secondary hyperalgesia following a cutaneous injury is a centrally mediated, robust phenomenon. The pathophysiological role of endogenous opioid signalling to the development of hyperalgesia is unclear. Recent animal studies, carried out after the resolution of inflammatory pain, have demonstrated reinstatement of tactile(More)
Efficient management of events lists is important in optimizing discrete event simulation performance. This is especially true in distributed simulation systems. The performance of simulators is directly dependent on the event list management operations such as insertion, deletion, and search. Several factors such as scheduling, checkpointing, and state(More)
Prevention of injury-induced functional alterations in the central nervous system by pre-emptive analgesia or other techniques is a fascinating working hypothesis based on substantial scientific evidence. Although experimental data may provide a rationale for this concept, translation into clinical practice has led to some debate, especially about(More)
It is suggested that genetic variations explain a significant portion of the variability in pain perception; therefore, increased understanding of pain-related genetic influences may identify new targets for therapies and treatments. The relative contribution of the different genes to the variance in clinical and experimental pain responses remains unknown.(More)
  • Toolswith PCCTSPeter, J. Dahl, Peter E. BergnerJohn, C. Mejia, Matthew T. O'KeefeDepartment
  • 1994
This paper describes our experiences using PCCTS in our optimizing compiler and simulator development eeort. The tools are used in our C front end, a code sched-uler, a linker, an instruction level simulator, and a detailed cycle-level simulator. One of the Antlr grammars is used twice in the compiler and in two diierent sim-ulators. This type of reuse and(More)
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