Jörgen Bengtsson

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In this paper we introduce a low-stress silicon enriched nitride platform that has potential for nonlinear and highly integrated optics. The manufacturing process of this platform is CMOS compatible and the increased silicon content allows tensile stress reduction and crack free layer growth of 700 nm. Additional benefits of the silicon enriched nitride is(More)
Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) realized by spatial light modulators (SLMs) often have features that distinguish them from most conventional, static DOEs: strong coupling between phase and amplitude modulation, a modulation versus steering parameter characteristic that may not be precisely known (and may vary with, e.g., temperature), and deadspace(More)
A novel algorithm for the retrieval of the spatial mutual coherence function of the optical field of a light beam in the quasimonochromatic approximation is presented. The algorithm only requires that the intensity distribution is known in a finite number of transverse planes along the beam. The retrieval algorithm is based on the observation that a(More)
One of the crucial issues in quantitative microdialysis is the reliability of recovery estimates to correctly estimate unbound drug tissue concentrations. If a deuterated calibrator is used for retrodialysis, the calibrator has the same properties as the study drug. However, recovery of the calibrator may be affected by the presence of the drug in the(More)
We describe a characterization method based on diffraction for obtaining the phase response of spatial light modulators (SLMs), which in general exhibit both amplitude and phase modulation. Compared with the conventional interferometer-based approach, the method is characterized by a simple setup that enables in situ measurements, allows for substantial(More)
A sensitive and reproducible method for the determination of morphine and the metabolites morphine-3-glucuronide (M3G) and morphine-6-glucuronide (M6G) was developed. The method was validated for perfusion fluid used in microdialysis as well as for sheep and human plasma. A C18 guard column was used to desalt the samples before analytical separation on a(More)
We propose a method to narrow the gap between the rigorous methods for the propagation of partially coherent light, which require excessive computational capacity, and the numerical methods used in practical engineering applications, where it is not clear how to handle spatial and temporal coherence in a statistically correct manner. As is the case for the(More)
It is proposed and experimentally demonstrated that a multilevel or even continuous-level phase-only computergenerated hologram can be realized by use of a binary (two-level) structure. The desired phase shift is invoked by introduction of a lateral dislocation of a high-frequency binary grating within each of the elements that constitute the hologram. An(More)
We report on a beam characterization method that is based on the simultaneous measurement of the focus field and the farfield, thus avoiding problems with beam fluctuations during the measurement. By using reflections from both sides of a planoconvex lens, the method implements two branches of an optical system working simultaneously. Also, by letting the(More)