Jörg von Appen

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Phosphorus displays fascinating structural diversity and the discovery of new modifications continues to attract attention. In this work, a complete stability range of known and novel crystalline allotropes of phosphorus is described for the first time. This includes recently discovered tubular modifications and the prediction of not-yet-known crystal(More)
The newly synthesized boride Ti(1+x)Os(2-x)RuB(2) (x = 0.6) has a novel structure featuring one-dimensional chains of titanium atoms, one-dimensional strings of face-sharing empty tetrahedral and square pyramidal clusters and, most importantly, trigonal planar and strongly bonded B4 units with a B-B distance of 1.89 A.
In this work the electronic structure and mechanical properties of the phases X(2)BC with X =Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta, W (Mo(2)BC-prototype) were studied using ab initio calculations. As the valence electron concentration (VEC) per atom is increased by substitution of the transition metal X, the six very strong bonds between the transition metal and the(More)
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